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It's About Time


Transportation is failing and demands to be transformed. Population, income and economic activity have risen, increasing the demand for transportation, but infrastructure has not kept pace. The result is time wasted on clogged and deteriorated roads, pollution of our air and eroding economic opportunities.

Transportation funding is inadequate to the job. Transportation policy is ineffective at meeting the needs of our citizens. Inflation has dramatically decreased the purchasing power of the federal motor fuels tax, and revenues are wasted by inflexible and unfocused funding categories. Next year the Highway Trust Fund is projected to go bankrupt.

We desire fundamental reform. We seek to move beyond the primary focuses of past debates – federal motor fuel tax increases and the fight among donor-donee states. The reforms needed transcend those issues.

America needs a long-term, goal-based vision for the future of transportation that transforms the current way of meeting America's needs. The following principles should guide all policy changes enacted.

The Situation »

The Solution »

It's About Time »

The Situation »

  • It's Time for a Change
  • It's Time to Plan for the Future
  • It's Your Time
  • It's Time for New Choices

The Solution »

  • It's Time to Work Together
  • It's Time for Flexibility
  • It's Time to Focus on Solutions
  • It's Time to Shift Gears